Our Mission
To offer exceptional consumer experience by partnering with service providers to deliver value for money to Customers.
Our Purpose
To create a wellness market place which is preferred choice of consumers.

Wellnessta was conceptualised in July 2018 as a rating and review website for Spa. But as we started working and we realised that Personal Grooming and Wellness & Fitness service providers are failing to attract online business. The expense of driving traffic to their website, high software automation cost, need for payment gateway integration, and very high promotion cost is forcing most service providers to maintain the status quo and continue with manual management of simple things like Scheduling and Appointment Management.

We did detailed market research with 178 service providers and consumer research with 3674 people to learn and understand the market gap. The current Covid-19 pandemic has widened the market gap and left most retail service providers exposed to the market's atrocities.

About us

Wellnessta.com is a B2B SaaS Cloud Software, a market place for Beauty Salon, Spa, Ayurvedic Massage, Yoga, Gym & Fitness, and Naturopathy service provider. We are opening the opportunity to have a reassuring presence in the online market and making them able to book and sell services 24x7 online. One-stop for all the Personal Grooming and Wellness & Fitness service providers.

Wellness T A = Wellness-To-All

The name “Wellnessta” defines our intent. We wish to bring wellness for our Service Provider’s (vendors) businesses by enabling online business for them and our consumers by offering customers choices.

Sanjeev Singhai


Sanjeev is a professional who turned into an entrepreneur in 2003. He brings 36 years of experience in launching products, sales expertise, conceptualising new business, and making businesses profitable. Sanjeev co-owns an advertising business Buchanan India and a consulting business Sanjeev Digital LLP.

He is a rational advertising expert and has created more the 220 TV Ads and thousands of Digital Videos for top FMCG and Pharma global and Indian brands. He is also a founding team member of HomeTesterClub.com – the world’s largest grocery buyer community.

He is a creator and administrator who likes to find simple solutions to solve big problems.